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Community Solar Scenario Tool

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The Community Solar Scenario Tool (CSST) provides a "first cut" analysis of different community or shared solar program options. The tool has been created primarily with smaller municipal utilities, electric cooperatives, and state and local advocates in mind. This model allows users to see how various inputs, such as system size, location, and project costs, impact the economics of a project from both a potential customer's perspective as well as the sponsoring utility. For more complex financial modeling options, check out NREL's System Advisor Model (SAM).

The Community Solar Scenario Tool is available as a downloadable Microsoft Excel file, which includes information pertaining to the various calculations and descriptions of the outputs.

Please note that this tool is still considered to be a beta version, and thus not a finished product. It is being released in its current format in order to solicit feedback from the community solar user community. This feedback will inform the direction for further development of the tool.

More Information

To learn more about community solar policies, read the brochure, Community Shared Solar: Policy and Regulatory Considerations.

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To learn more about using the Community Solar Scenario Tool for your project, contact STAT.